Arizona Hog Hunt Drawing Giveaway

Hog Hunt Drawing Giveaway

Every Month with have an Arizona Hog Hunt Drawing where we giveaway several Hog Hunt Trip to the Ranch. If you get lucky enough to be drawn for these hunts, claim immiediedly..  There is no better way to get to the ranch. Here are the details:


Arizona Wild Hog Hunt (Worth $599) - 3 Days 2 Nights - Free Lodging - No Limit Hog Hunt! No Tags, No License, No Season, 2 Years to Book.


You have 14 Days to Claim Hunt

3 Days 2 Nights, Free Lodging

Wild Hog Hunt Package: Regularly $599 per hunter

QUESTIONS? CALL US (928) 241-3221

3 day, 2 Night Wild Hog Hunt Package (No-Limit)

and Includes
  • Unlimited Hogs and Sizes! You only pay per animal harvested
  • Hunt Begins Day 1, 3:00pm - Ends Day 3, 10:00am
  •  Any 2 predators or varmints per day (Hunting Lic. Required, In Season) Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, Cottontail and Jackrabbits, foxes, skunks, squirrels, etc.
  • Blind Hunting
  • Walk and Stalk Hunting Sessions     
  • Meals and Drinks (Avail. at Cost)
  • Great Shared Lodging 
Wild Hog License Info:
  • Resident License: None Needed
  • Non-Resident License: None needed
  • Resident Tag Fee: No tag required
  • Non-Resident Tag Fee: No Tag Required
  • Limit: No Limit
  • Season: Unregulated 
Not Included
$99 Booking Fee to Claim Prize

Guide/Staff fee of $100/hunter Due at Arrival
  • Small Hogs (under 60 lbs.): $100
  • Mid-Sized Hogs (60-120 lbs): $200
  • Large Hogs(120-300 lbs): $400
  • Hogzilla (300+ lbs): $625 + $150 Gut Removal Fee
  • Includes retrieval/gutting/skinning/quartering + $75 Gut Removal Fee

    Non-Hunters & Children (12 and under) can be added for $100 each

    1 Bucket Of Corn/Feed ($20 at the Ranch)

    Additional Upgrades

    • Overnight stay at the lodge is $75/adult per night.
    • Diablo Canyon Excursion (Hog Goldmine) $50
    • Suggested gratuity is $50/day per hunter.
    • Taxidermy services are available upon request.
    • Hog skull mounts $200
    • Hog Shoulder Mounts are $600
    • Gift certificates are available, starting at $100
    • $50 per tent for Camping

    Please CALL for Schedule Availability: (928) 241-3221

    "Please Purchase Hunts First Then Schedule"

    You Have 2 Years to Schedule Your Hunt


    Additional Hunters:

    Only 1 drawing winner per family or group please.

    As the winner of this hunt, you can bring your buddies along, and we will discount their hunt as follows: ( Regular price is $599 each.)  This Hog Hunt package cannot be combined with other customers or discounted hunts except as follows: